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Konar Sandal Ziggurat

The ziggurat of Jiroft, oldest and largest ziggurat in the word

The ziggurat of Jiroft, which is known also as the Konar Sandal, is an ancient monument located in the southern Iranian province of Kerman in Jiroft, a place that some people believe is Iran’s cradle of civilization.

This ziggurat was discovered in 2002, and it is the second ziggurat to be found in Iran…

Elimination of Iran Visa Stamps

Elimination of Iran Visa Stamps

As US sanctions against Iran return again and are expected to affect the domestic economy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has in recent months tried to relax the process of getting visas to attract more foreign tourists.

Iran is home to many landmarks and historical sites, but its tourism part remains…

Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars

Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

The Sassanid Archaeological Landscape would cover archaeological remains of the last pre-Islamic Iranian dynasty – the “Sassanids” (AD 224-651) whose empire stretched to the Levant, Central Asia, E Arabia and Turkey/the Caucasus.

Successors to the Parthians, they too were involved militarily across their entire period against…