Why should everyone visit Iran?

Many people are fearful to visit Iran because they do not know all that much about it. Although Iran is located in the Middle East, it is totally safe to travel to. During these years people are interested in this diverse Persian nation more and more. There are many reasons why everyone should travel to Iran, but here are the top four.

Welcoming People and their hospitality

This is the main reason to visit Iran without a doubt. Iranian have an expression that says “guest is the friend of God.” It shows their feeling about their guests. In Iran, you can walk down the street and be invited to someone’s house for tea or dinner. You can easily meet people in this country. They are all extremely friendly, welcoming, helpful and incredibly hospitable.

Visit Iran to see Ancient History and Incredible architecture

You can visit one of the oldest civilizations in the world by traveling to Iran. Iran’s ancient architecture is incredible, and there are many must-see sites. Iran has twenty-three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including 22 cultural and 1 natural. There is also much intangible cultural heritage in this beautiful country that is worth exploring during your travel.


From tiled domes and ceilings of amazing mosques to historical houses of Kashan, from ancient bathhouses to huge Badgir (wind catcher), the architecture in Iran will surprise everyone.


Iran is one of those places that you may never think you would visit. But, after traveling to Iran, you will say to yourself why I didn’t go sooner, without a doubt. Having a tour guide will give you the chance to learn much more about Iranian people, the history and the way of life in Iran.

Reasons to visit Iran
Visit Iran

Visit Iran to eat Delicious Food

Iranian food may not be as internationally known but it is very delicious. Chicken, lamb, and fish are the main meets in Iran, and usually, meals are served with rice and vegetables.


Saffron, pomegranates, prunes, lime, raisins, cinnamon and parsley are typical ingredients used in Persian food. Besides that, every city has a special food you should not miss, such as Kalam Polo Shirazi and Shirazi Salad which are famous as a traditional food in Shiraz.

Cultural and ethnic differences

Each region has its own customs, traditions, and even language in Iran. Even locals who travel domestically will experience this diversity.


When you travel from Turkish speaking Tabriz, to Kurdish speaking Kordestan or from the nomadic tribes around Shiraz to the Arab speaking cities or islands in the south part of the country and even everywhere else in this country, you will face the various cultures and customs.

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    It is unbelievable how wonderful is your trip to Iran. Do not care what you see in the media at all, your trip to Iran would an unforgettable trip anyone can experience.

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