Kashan Iran


Kashan, city of wonderful historical houses and rose gardens. The city is 2 hours driving far from Isfahan city and sounded by the Kavir Desert so it has a deserted climate most of the year.

Kashan Bazaar

The old Bazaar




Kashan History


Archaeological discoveries that accrued in Sialk Hills located in the suburbs of the Kashan city prove that this ruined ziggurat was dated back to more than 7.500 years ago during the Elamite Empire, one of the oldest civilizations in the world.


Kashan was a rich society of Zoroastrians same as the other Iranian cities before the invasion of Arabs.


Khwarazmians, who were Turco-Persian ancestry built a huge wall around the city to protect the people and also a fortress inside the city.

Kashan attractions

Borujerdi Historical House


Decades later during the Safavid dynasty, Fin Garden (UNESCO heritage site) became an important place to the Shah Abbas and his successors and also Qajar kings.


Some of the most beautiful historical houses were built in Kashan because the famous Silk road gave a special prestige to the city and made its traders rich.


Nowadays Kashan is not only famous for its beautiful architecture but also for its rose water that is considered as the finest quality in the world.


Between Kashan and Isfahan, there is a beautiful, and ancient village called Abyaneh that can bring you unforgettable memories if you plan to visit it even for a few hours.


Borujerdi Historical House


Fin Garden


Tabatabaie Historical House


Sialk Historical Mounds


Abbasi Historical House


Aqa Bozorg Mosque


Ameri Historical House


Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse


Grand Bazaar

Attractions Near Kashan

Noosh Abad Underground City


Niasar Fire Temple


Maranjab desert


Niasar Mithra Temple


Niasar Waterfall

Foods and Sweets

Koofteh Somaq


Khoresht Nokhod Alleh (Traditional Stew)


Kateh Moatar (Sort of Rice)


Jujui Tas Kebab




Rose Water


Carpet Weaving


Pottery and Tile Works


Textiles and silk weaving




Copper Works







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