Iran Medical Tourism

Iran Medical Tours

In recent decades, travel to Iran for cosmetic surgery and other Iran Health tourism services has increased significantly. The main reasons are the reasonable price, quality of Iran Medical Tours services, and the experience of specialist doctors.


Iranian surgeons and specialists are ready to provide any medical and health services with the highest quality and the most appropriate price, using the latest tools in the world and relying on various executive backgrounds in the field of medical tourism.

The Most Popular Iran Health Tours services

Cosmetic surgery in Iran

Cosmetic Surgery

gynecology in Iran


Eye care-ophthalmology in Iran

Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Iran Health Tourism Services

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Iran medical tours
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Iran health tours
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Iran Health Tourism

Some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Iran are Rhinoplasty, hair transplantation, dental services, ophthalmology services, and plastic surgery.


Other services available include:

Ear cosmetic surgery, liposuction, infertility, obstetrics, orthopedics, neurology, general surgery, etc.

Why choose Iran Medical Tours?

– Affordable medical services

– High experience of specialists and surgeons

– World-class medical centers equipped with the latest medical achievements

– Visit unique historical and cultural attractions


Letsvisitpersia Company, using its experience in medical tourism and the cooperation of a group of experienced specialists and doctors in the cities of Shiraz and Tehran, is ready to provide services according to customers’ wishes and needs.


Our goal is to satisfy customers and provide a safe environment and a pleasant trip for you.

By choosing our Iran medical tours and services, we customize the best possible health package and all required services for you, It will suit your desired services at a lower price and bring you peace of mind to be treated in the best possible way.


Last word: Iran also has unique natural, historical, and cultural attractions that you can enjoy while receiving medical services.

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