All you need to know about Rhinoplasty in Iran

nose job in Iran
Nose Job in Iran

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery known as the nose job. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world and the most common operation in Brazil, Mexico, the USA, Iran, Japan, and Colombia.


In recent years, Cosmetic surgeries, especially nose job, and hair transplant has been growing dramatically. Rhinoplasty in Iran has been fashionable among actors and actresses but nowadays, it is a popular surgery not only among celebrities but many Iranian girls and boys.

The nose is the central part of everybody’s face, and that is the reason people like to have a beautiful nose. A nose surgery which is technically called rhinoplasty is a surgery to address some health issues such as breathing problems and beauty concerns like adjusting nostril shape, removing bridge bump, or reshaping the nose tip.

Why Rhinoplasty in Iran?

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran

In recent years, the number of people wishing to have rhinoplasty in Iran has tripled and that is why Iran is currently labeled as the “Nose Job Capital” of the world and Iranian Surgeons conducts seven times more than the total number of rhinoplasty in comparison to America.


Walking through the streets of big cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan you definitely will cross paths with someone with a nose tape on their nose as a sign of a nose job in Iran. This high demand for finding the best rhinoplasty doctors in Iran resulted in more and more experienced surgeons.


Some of the Iranian cosmetic surgeons have done more than 10 thousand cosmetic surgeries in their career life, and that’s why Iran is called the “Paradise of cosmetic surgeons.” You can find the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran and Shiraz.


Researches show that around 70,000 nose surgeries conduct every year in Iran, something like 0.8% of the population.

Iranian plastic surgeons offer the best quality and price in the world because of a large number of surgeries performed for primary and revision rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty cost in different countries

A nose job costs vary depending on the location, the surgeon fee, medical costs like anesthesia, and clinic fees. Based on the statistics price range for a nose job in some countries are like this:


United State: Between $5,500 to 13,000 USD

Canada: Between 5,500 to 11,000 CAD

UK: Between 6,500 to 14,000 Pounds

Turkey: Between $2,500 to 4,500

Iran: Between $1,350 to 3,300


As you can compare, top rhinoplasty in Iran which performs in a modern and well-equipped clinic is cheaper than any other country. Almost everything in Iran is more affordable and less expensive. Therefore, the price of aesthetic surgeries in Iran is also lower and that is a reason why many people who are coming to Iran for a nose job tend to have multiple surgeries at the same time.

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Frequently asked questions

Depends on your facial features and your desires, the surgeon offers the best nose style to you which can be categorized as a Natural nose, Semi-fantasy nose, and Fantasy nose.

Some people prefer a natural nose so they can hide their nose surgery, some like their nose to be upward-shaped like a barbie doll, which Iranian nose surgeon call that fantasy nose.

You can find a good surgeon for your nose job with a price from $1,350 to 3,300 in big cities like Tehran, and Shiraz. In some smaller towns of the country, you may find a nose job even less expensive.

For a full rhinoplasty package in Iran, including medical tests, medicine and anesthesia costs, travel services like accommodation, visa, and transfer you need to pay $1, $3,500 depends on your hotel and other services you asked for.

The surgery will induct under general anesthesia. After that, you will feel a little pain for 2-3 days and your surgeon prescribe some painkillers. Based on your body’s reaction swelling and bruising will appear on your face that will fade away between 2-3weeks. After four to six months, you can see the final shape of your new nose.

Let us take care of that. We are working with the well-experienced doctors in Tehran and Shiraz. Although we can arrange everything (travel affairs such as hotel, visa, transfer, guide, etc.) with any doctor or clinic you like to.

there is certainly a minimum age for a nose that. Many doctors believe a few years after puberty, 18-19 years old for girls, and 21-22 years old for boys. You need to have a maturity in your facial features because rhinoplasty is a life-altering change to your body. There is no upper limit for rhinoplasty as long as you are healthy, although there will be some tests like heart ECG for people older than 40 years old.

We recommend you to stay at least 1 week after your rhinoplasty so the doctor can check any necessary examinations after healing the bruise and swelling.

No, it is not necessary to have someone to take care of you but it is good if you bring a friend or a family member to be there for you although we can provide in-house nurses for our patients to help them while recovering.

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