Shiraz Shiraz is the Capital of Fars province, and one of the most beautiful, historical cities in Iran which is located in south-central Iran. The earliest reference to the city, as Tirazis, is found on Elamite clay tablets dated to 2000 BC.



Shiraz History


Shiraz - Quran Gate

Quran Gate – Shiraz

The first capital of Fars province, about 2.500 years ago, was Pasargadae. It was also the capital of Achaemenid dynasty, established by Cyrus the Great. The ceremonial capital of his successor, Darius the Great, and his son Xerxes was Persepolis. Today, only the ruins of these two masterpieces remain.

Estakhr was another capital of Fars province. It was established during the Sassanid dynasty and lasted until Shiraz finally gained its role as capital.


These days Shiraz has become synonymous with Gardens, flowers, nightingales, poetry, and wine. It was one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world and became the Iranian capital during the Zand dynasty (AD 1747–79) when many of its most beautiful buildings were built or restored.


Shapouri Garden - Letsvisitpersia

Shapouri Garden

It is also home to excellent gardens, delicate mosques and whispered echoes of an ancient world that reward those who spend some time in this delightful city and also Persepolis, the area’s major tourist destination.


Shiraz is a very well visited city among Iranians cities for several reasons, the weather which is mild, many historic attractions and being the third religious city due to the holy shrine of Shahcheragh.


The gardens of the city are favored by many especially the Eram Garden which is designated by UNESCO as a heritage site.

It is also the birthplace and resting place of the greatest Persian poets such as Hafez, the master of Persian lyrical poetry (Ghazal) and Sa’di, the author of the famous Golestan and Boostan.

Must See in Shiraz

Persepolis - Letsvisitpersia

Persepolis ( Takht-e Jamshid )


The ancient city of Persepolis which once called the richest city under the sun is the most must-see not only in Shiraz but in Iran. The magnificent palaces of the world biggest empire, Achaemenid kingdom established by the fair king, Cyrus the Great, carving speaks with you and sole of humanity buried in this old city date back to more than 2500 years ago. A UNESCO World Heritage site which was destroyed by Alexander the Great. We highly recommend hiring a guide to understand its magnificent history and a lot of hidden stories behind it. Just go and enjoy the breadth of history.


Nearby Attractions: Necropolis ( Naqsh-e Rostam ), Naqsh-e Rajab

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque ( Pink Mosque )


One of the best things to do in Shiraz.  Dozens of visitors and photographers visit this mosque every day. Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque is known as the Pink Mosque because of the beautiful pink tiles that decorate the walls. Get there early in the morning and you will enjoy a wonderful interplay of lights and shades created by the sun rays passing through the colorful stained glass of windows. Do not miss an excellent little art gallery in the other corner of Nasir ol-Mulk Mosque.


Nearby attractions: Zinat Al-Molk House, Narenjstan Qavam, Shah-e Cheragh holy shrine and Vakil complex.

Nasir Al-mulk Mosque - Shiraz city tour
Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz - letsvisitpersia day tour

Tomb of Hafez ( Hafezieh )


Name of the Hafez is strictly bound by the Shiraz city and it is somehow considered as the symbol of Shiraz. The mausoleum of Hafiz is the first popular attractions between Iranian, many come to show their respect and some come to perform the faal-e Hafez, a popular ritual between Iranian for fortune telling. Visiting this peaceful attraction is strongly recommended even if you don’t like poetry or tombs.  Best time to visit the Hafeziyeh is evening just when the sun is setting.


Nearby attractions: Jahan Nama Garden, Ali ibn Hamzeh Shrine, Quran Gate and Khwaju Kermani tomb.

Zand complex ( Zandiyeh complex )


Vakil bathhouse
The most amazing part of this structure is the technology that is used in the heating system which prevents wasting energy.

Vakil bazaar
One of the most well-known traditional and historical bazaar in Iran which was the palpitating heart of Shiraz economy.

Vakil mosque
This mosque has created a social complex and beautiful harmony in the relationship between religion and people’s life.


Nearby Attractions: Nasir Al-Mulk mosque – Shah Cheragh holy shrine – Qavam house – Zinat Al-Moluk house.

Vakil Mosque - Shiraz sightseeing tour
Eram Garden - Shiraz garden tour

Eram Garden ( Bagh-e Eram )


Eram Garden is a historical Persian garden and a UNESCO heritage site in Shiraz, Iran. It attracts visitors not only for its historical identity but also for its beauty and as a botanical research center, beautiful flowers, refreshing air, tall cypresses.

The first thing you will notice is positive energy and peaceful atmosphere emanating from the place because of its green and colorful surroundings. Its mansion is a masterpiece of Qajar architecture style due to its magnificent paintings, tile and plaster works.

Many types of plants, flowers, and trees from all around the world have been planted in this garden.

Shiraz City Sightseeing Tours by Letsvisitpersia

Shiraz Attractions

Zand complex (Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bath, Vakil Bazar, Karimkhan Castle)


Nasirolmolk Mosque (Pink Mosque)


Hafiz Mausoleum


Saadi Mausoleum


Eram Garden


Quran Gate


Afifabad Garden


Shahcheragh Mausoleum


Khaju Kermani Mausoleum


Zinat ol-Molk House


Naranjestan Garden (Qavam Houe)


Pars Museum (Nazar Garden)


Jahan Nama Garden


Delgosha Garden


Atiq Jame Mosque


Ali Ibn Hamza Shrine

Attractions near Shiraz



Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rostam)


Naqsh-e Rajab


Palace of Ardeshir


Ancient City of Bishapur


Tang e Chogan Reliefs

Shiraz Handicrafts

Qashqai Carpets & Gabe


Khatam (inlaid work)


Ceramic and Tile


Wooden Works


Carpet Weaving


Silver Work




Engraving on Metal


Clay Works


Brocade Weaving



Traditional Shiraz Food

Kalam Polo


Shirazi Polo


Koufte Shirazi


Shirazi Salad


Ash Sabzi


Shirazi Paloodeh


Koluche Masqati



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