Elimination of Iran Visa Stamps

As US sanctions against Iran return again and are expected to affect the domestic economy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has in recent months tried to relax the process of getting visas to attract more foreign tourists.


Iran is home to many landmarks and historical sites, but its tourism part remains underdeveloped due to different problems specially mismanagement. Now that sanctions have returned after US President Trump, Iranian authorities are focusing on tourism.

Iran Visa Stamps Eliminated

After the initiation of the travel restriction law by the US government to people who have traveled to Iran and a few more countries during the last years and wish to travel to the US, Many tourists, especially the Europeans tried to avoid the trip to Iran.


In October 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran announced the taking of measures to speed up the Iran visa process and also eliminate the Iran visa stamps and the entry and exit stamps to Iran.

Iran Visa Stamps Eliminated
Iran Visa Stamps Eliminated


On the other hand, Iran has provided a visa-on-arrival that currently includes citizens of most countries.


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Visa Waiver Schemes

Lastly, Iran and Russia have been negotiating to perform a visa waiver program that will eliminate the visa requirement for group tours.
Based on the plan, group tours from both countries which contain a maximum of 15 travelers and organized by certified tour operators will not require visas to visit the other country.


Iran has these agreements with 10 countries whose residents may stay in the country for designated time periods without needing a visa. Those 10 countries include Syria, Georgia, Lebanon, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Bolivia, Malaysia, and Venezuela.


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