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Iran E-visa

Iran E-Visa

Iran Electronic Visa has launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – IR IRAN to attract more foreign tourists.

Citizens of more than 180 countries are eligible to use the Iran e-visa. The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Jordan, Colombia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are excluded…

Everyone should visit Iran

Why should everyone visit Iran?

Many people are fearful to visit Iran because they do not know all that much about it. Although Iran is located in the Middle East, it is totally safe to travel to. During these years people are interested in this diverse Persian nation more and more. There are many reasons why everyone should travel to Iran, but here are the top four…

Achaemenid Bas-relief

Achaemenid soldier bas-relief has been handed back to Iran

The Achaemenid soldier bas-relief that was slated for auction in New York has been repatriated by Hassan Rouhani. The base price of this bas-relief was $1.2 million which had returned to Iran by President following his recent visit to the UN headquarters in the US.

The relic displayed in the National Museum in Tehran and it is supposed to send to the Shiraz…