Iran, a new destination

For many tourists, a trip to Iran as a new destination was always more than just a holiday. It was a journey into the unknown.


For decades, news coverage of the country was overwhelmingly negative, what was often lost was the other side of Iran: its ancient history, its young and open-minded population, its food and culture.


Iran is proving to be an increasingly popular destination with air travelers, experiencing growing passenger numbers from around the world. A country that has something for everyone.

Iran Is Your New Destination
Iran, a new destination

A successful and new destination

when it comes to a successful holiday, tourists are seeking more than just a great hotel, long-term plans are a must with a clearly defined vision.


One of the important challenges of a successful and new destination is the requirement to align the desires of a broad cross-section of private and public stakeholder groups; from local guides and planners to environmental groups, hotel managers, taxi drivers, restauranteurs, residents, retailers, and also tourists.

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