Iran Tourism Income Hit $11.8 billion

Iran earned about $12 billion from its tourism industry during the past year said Ali Asghar Mounesan, head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization.


He referred to the tourism sector as the third-largest industry in the world and mentioned tourism creates new jobs and social vitality along with other benefits.

He downplayed the impact of sanctions on Iran’s tourism industry and said due to its immunity to sanctions, the industry can play an important role in the country’s economic growth.

Iran Tourism Income
Iran Tourism News

Iranian officials have planned to annually attract 20 million tourists by 2025 in order to have $30 billion of revenues because they seek to wean the country off the oil money.


Official figures showed that more than six million tourists had traveled to Iran during a period of six months from March 2018. This is 50 percent higher than the same period last year.


A new report on global security portrayed shows that Iran is as safe as many Western Europe for travelers. The 2019 Travel Risk Map announced by global risk experts, display the danger level in each country and area.

Different factors such as the effectiveness of the security and emergency services and the country’s sensitivity to natural disasters also play an important role in consideration, according to The Independent.


The map shows five categories: insignificant, low, medium, high and extreme. Iran is one of the world’s top potential travel destinations with a variety of Historical, Cultural and Natural sites, including 23 places registered as the UNESCO heritage sites.

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The only other countries in the area with the least security risks are Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. Other “low risk” regional countries are Jordan, the UAE, Oman, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Armenia.


The traveler’s security in Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan described as “average”. However, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are “dangerous”.


Countries with “Extreme” risk are particularly in the Middle East, and Africa such as Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and South Sudan.


Very few countries are “insignificant” in Europe, only Denmark, Slovenia, Iceland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, and Greenland are in this category. The Independent also added in its report that the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are all low risk too as the same as Iran.

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