Millennia-old Inscription Found in Naqsh-e Rustam (Necropolis) site

This old bas-relief inscription which has remained out of view so far, has been discovered in Naqsh-e Rostam, a royal necropolis located 12 kilometers northwest of Persepolis, Near Shiraz city southern Iran, which is pointing to its anonymous Achaemenid character.


The inscription was located on the hillside around the tomb of King Darius I one of the greatest Achaemenid rulers, and it was hidden because of a large number of algae and sediments for over 2,500 years.

Achaemenid Inscription
Millennia-old Achaemenid bas relief Found in Necropolis

This discovery is a historical achievement in the past half a century in the field of linguistics, history, and Iranology.

The discoverer mentioned: The inscription has not been seen so far and I saw it when I was taking pictures of the area.


The text is about one of the high-level character of the Achaemenid court and ancient Persia, which has not been mentioned in history before.


The discovery is also important in the arena of ancient linguistics because it contains valuable information about the archives of Persepolis.

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