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Iran Health Tourism growing fast

According to Iran’s Health and Medical Education Ministry, more than 500,000 tourists from neighboring countries visited Iran for medical purposes during 2019.   about 73,000 mentioned tourists were hospitalized to receive the medical services and the rest were outpatients.   More than 70% of Iran’s health tourists are seeking services in special medical fields, such …

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Hyrcanian forests

UNESCO inscribes Iran’s Hyrcanian Forests as a World Heritage   UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee add Hyrcanian forests to its World Heritage List, this ancient forests with more than 50 million years old have stunning biodiversity.   Iran Hyrcanian forests a UNESCO heritage The Hyrcanian forests in northern Iran run more than 800km the coast of …

visa waiver for Chinese tourists

The visa waiver for Chinese tourists

All citizens of the Republic of China are able to stay in Iran for up to 21 days from the date of entry without applying for the visa. Iran Deputy Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, announced.   The visa waiver for Chinese tourists On June 29, the Iranian Cabinet approved that Chinese …