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Based on Fars province

We had a one-day tour guide with Vahid and we are very satisfied! Very well prepared and ready to share his knowledge and also his personal experience! Very recommended!

Massimo from Italy

Wonderful day in Persepolis and Shiraz

We had a wonderful time in Iran with Vahid. He was very interesting, reliable and informative. Also, the fact that we found Iranians in general to be extremely nice and warm people. We would highly recommend Vahid if you ever travel to Iran.

Sandesh from India

Great time in Persepolis

Shiraz City Tour



Fars Province which is also known as Pars (Persian) or Persia in historical context, is one of the provinces of Iran and known as the cultural capital of the country.


It is located in the south of the country, and its capital is Shiraz.


letsvisitpersia Day Tour

Shiraz City Tour


The origin of the word Persian found in many ancient names associated with Iran is taken from the historical importance of this region.

Fars Province is the original and primary homeland of the Persian people.


The New Persian word Fârs is the Arabic form of the earlier form Pârs, which is in turn derived from the Old Persian name for the Persis (Greek word) region.


Letsvisitpersia Shiraz City Tour includes three geographical parts of Fars province which are all registered in the UNESCO heritage list. Three Shiraz Day Tours and a Nomad Day Tour.





The duration of all our one-day tours is 8 hours.

The start and end of all tours is your desired place in Shiraz.

You are able to create a customized tour based on your interests

Persepolis - Naqsh-e Rostam (Necropolis) and Pasargadae

An ancient view of Iran (Persia)

  • Persepolis Complex (UNESCO Heritage Site)
  • Naqsh-e Rostam (Necropolis)
  • Pasargad (Tomb of Cyrus the great) (UNESCO Heritage Site)


Shiraz City Tour 1 - Vakil Complex

Shiraz during the Vakil dynasty

  • Vakil Mosque
  • Vakil Bath
  • Vakil Bazar
  • Karimkhan Castle

Shiraz City Tour 2 - Shiraz Untouched

Less-observed places in Shiraz

  • Nasir-al Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque)
  • Zinat-al Molk House and its Museum
  • Naranjestan Palace
  • Madreseh Khan
  • Ali Ibn-e Hamzeh shrine

Shiraz City Tour 3 - Shiraz Gardens

Visiting Shiraz as a city of the Rose, Nightingale, and Poem

  • Eram Garden (Unesco Heritage site)
  • Afifabad Garden and its Weapon Museum
  • Hafez Mausoleum
  • Sa’adi Mausoleum

Eram Garden

Palace of Ardashir - Qaleh Dokhtar and Gur city

See the development of arch and dome in Persian architecture during the Sassanid dynasty.

Drive to Firuzabad (100 Kilometers away from Shiraz) and visit

  • Palace of Ardashir (UNESCO Heritage Site)
  • Qaleh Dokhtar (A palace located on the top of the mountain) (UNESCO Heritage Site)
  • The ancient Gur City

Bishapur Ancient City - Cave and Statue of Shapur and Tang-e Chogan

See the development of arch and dome in Persian architecture during the Sassanid dynasty.

Drive to Kazerun (120 Kilometers away from Shiraz) and visit

  • Anahita temple (A Zoroastrian temple built by a Sasanid King) (UNESCO Heritage Site)
  • Sassanian bass relieves (UNESCO Heritage Site)
  • Shapur cave and its huge statue (UNESCO Heritage Site) Optional with 2 hours of mountain climbing.

Nomad Tour

Depend on the season drive 50 – 210 Kilometers away from Shiraz

Visiting the nomadic camp and spend a few hours in their tents, eating their traditional and Fully organic meals and discover their real lifestyle.


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