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Based on Tehran city, the capital of Iran

It was a great informative tour. A good way to get familiar with the city an enjoy the cultural and historical attractions of Tehran.

Coloma from Uruguay

Amazing Tehran City Tour

A memorable and perfect trip from all aspects. Our tour guide was Vahid, he’s knowledgeable and patient. He answered all our questions and made an enjoyable day for us. Take Tehran city tour with Letsvisitpersia to get an overview of this amazing city.

Nora from Hungary

The Beautiful Tehran

Tehran City Tour



Tehran is the capital and the most populated city of Iran.


Visiting this metropolis will bring you more than 250 years history of Iran, from the magnificent Golestan palace that is a UNESCO world heritage site to Tehran grand Bazaar and Azadi tower which is known as the symbol of Tehran city.


Tehran City Tour

Tehran City Tour

Tehran has many brilliant museums such as Treasury of National Jewels that amaze you by its huge amount of unique and rare jewels, gold and diamonds, National Museum of Iran that takes you back to more than 35.000 years ago, Carpet Museum of Iran and many more…


You will have the chance to go skiing in the beautiful Alborz Mountains or enjoy a mountain climbing on Damavand the Highest Peak in the Middle East and the Second Highest Volcano in Asia.

You will also see a noticeable contrast between tradition and modernity in Tehran.


Letsvisitpersia Tehran city tours offers :


Three Tehran city sightseeing tours

Tour Consultant



Iran tours - Letsvisitpersia* The duration of all Tehran City Tour Packages is 8 hours.

* The start and end of all tours is your desired place in Tehran.

* You are able to create a customized tour based on your interests.


Tehran City Tour 1 - Tehran Highlights

  • Golestan Palace (UNESCO world heritage site)
  • Iran Treasury of National Jewels
  • National Museum of Iran
  • Tehran Grand Bazaar
  • Azadi Tower

Golestan Palace - Tehran city tourIran jewelry Museum - Tehran city tourNational Museum of Iran - Tehran city tourAzadi Tower - Tehran city tour

Tehran City Tour 2 – A glance of Tehran

  • Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran (Abgineh Museum)
  • Carpet Museum of Iran
  • Milad Tower
  • Tabiat Bridge (Pol-e Tabiat)

The Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran - Tehran daily tourCarpet Museum - Tehran daily tourMilad Tower - Tehran daily tourTabiat Bridge - Tehran daily tour

Tehran City Tour 3 - Tehran untouched

Less-observed places in Tehran

  • Saadabad Palace Complex
  • Niavaran Palace Complex
  • Darband

Saad Abad Palace - Tehran tour package Niavaran Palace - Tehran tour packageDarband - Tehran tour package


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