Naqshe Jahan Square - Isfahan


IsfahanIsfahan is located at the intersection of the two principal north-south and east-west routes in central Iran and south of Tehran.

The city’s rich culture and unique architecture and are in such perfect harmony that one seems to be a reflection of the other. it is an ultimate expression of the Iranian-Islamic Culture.

Isfahan History

Esfahan - Naqshe Jahan

Naqshe Jahan Square

The historical monuments of Isfahan is a collection of the finest examples of the various styles of Persian architecture developed throughout a thousand years and even more.

The quality and quantity of its artworks are great and they are masterpieces of the post-Islamic Iranian architecture.


Imam Square, known as the Naqsh-e Jahan (meaning portrait of the world) Square, is one of the largest city squares in the world.  Around this square sit a number of world-famous marvels of Islamic architecture which is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


Persians call it “Nesf-e-Jahan”, meaning “Half of the World” and it shows the important role of this city in Iran history.

Sheikh Lotfollah mosque - Esfahan - Travel to Iran by Letsvisitpersia

Sheikh Lotfollah mosque

In terms of population, it is Iran’s third-largest city after Tehran and Mashhad.

A river called Zayandeh Rood (life-giving River) runs through the city and its residents more life!


Isfahan is a city with regular seasonal changes. Spring begins in late March and summer in late June.

The city greets fall color in late September with the leaves falling off the trees and also winter starts in late December. Among all the seasons and months, Isfahan is perfect in May.


Isfahan is the most touristic city and center of the Iranian Islamic art in Iran which tourists should definitely visit and according to the French author, Andre Malraux, only Florence is comparable to this city.


Isfahan Attractions

Naqsh-e Jahan (Emam, Shah) Square


Emam (Shah) Mosque


Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque


Ali Qapu


Jame Atiq Mosque


Chehel Sotun (Forty Columns) Palace


Si-o-Se Pol (Bridge)


Khaju Bridge (Shahi Bridge)


Vank Cathedral


Qaisarieh Bazaar


Hasht Behesht Palace


Chahar Bagh School


Manar Jonban (the swinging minaret)


Atashgah (Fire Temple)


Takht-e Foulad

Traditional Foods and Sweets








Isfahan Handicrafts

Carpet Weaving


Enamel Work (Mina)


Painted Matters (Ghalamkar)




Miniature paintings




Tile & Mosaic Work






Calico work


Inlaid Work (Khatam)


Metal Work


Papier Mache



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