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Travel to Iran with a group

Whether you plan a trip with your colleagues, closest friends, or even a tour company, traveling with other people always helps to create new friends and make your friendship stronger with the old ones. It also helps to create lifelong memories. No matter what kind of travel you prefer, here are a few reasons why you should travel to Iran with a group.


Choose a leader

Depending on the group number choose a leader or two, you can have different persons in charge of different aspects of your trip, it’s easier to arrange all of this at the beginning and not waste your precious time on vacation trying to find out how to do things!


Assign Responsibilities

Learn your group members’ abilities and use them. If someone is good at reading maps put him in charge of directions. If someone can speak a foreign language put her in charge of communication. Use someone’s artistic mind to take the pictures.


Determine the budget

travel to Iran with group

travel to Iran with a group

One of the difficult parts of group trip planning is the budget because people have different ideas about the amount of money they like to spend during the travel. A maximum budget for the necessities like accommodation or transportation will guarantee that there are no surprises for anyone. Although, some activities can be optional, make sure that’s totally clear.


Discus having a shared pot of money during your trip, especially when you are going to buy your own food and cook together. It is easier than regularly working out how to split bills during your travel.


Make a Packing List

To be sure that everyone brings everything you need put someone in charge of creating a packing list. You will need obvious items, such as personalized medicine and toiletries but make sure everyone brings an umbrella for rainy days. You will need shared items too, like hairdryers, portable speakers, etc.


Book first

The price of flights or accommodation can drastically increase when getting close to the high season. Be sure you book your trip early for the best deals and to be sure you have enough space for everyone.


Not all places have enough free tables for a big group especially when you travel to a tourist area in high season. Choose a place and book a table first. It also helps you to avoid tiring discussions when choosing a cafe or restaurant.

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Be Open-Minded

Experiencing a new culture may require you to leave your comfort zone. Be prepared to do things you’ve never tried before, try new foods, or interact with people who look completely different from what you do. Remember to respect the area’s customs and lifestyle.


Don’t Forget the Tip

Big groups need more effort and coordination. It encourages staff for more prompt and efficient service if all groups left a 10-15% percent tip.

For sure you want to tip your tour leader, local guide, driver, and anyone else to show your appreciation.


Be Patient

It could take 25 minutes to get to a destination you could have reached on your own in 5. You maybe need to wait for someone who’s taking too long in a shop, or end your gallery visit early because someone needs to use the WC. When you travel in a group there is always someone or something that tests your patience. Try not to let anyone’s behavior ruin your holiday, no matter how hard it is.


Make Planning Fun

Shiraz City Tour - Visit Iran

Group Travel to Iran

One of the best aspects of group travel is the fun activities you do together like spending time at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or taking some sandwiches for a scenic picnic.


Be flexible

Remember you are all here to enjoy and have an unforgettable time. Sometimes you need to give up a bit of your comfort for the whole group.


Bad weather could cancel your flights, the Metro system might not work or the museum is closed due to restoration. Learn to look at your situation as a unique opportunity. Unexpected changes to your plan can ruin your day only if you let them.


Maybe during the travel, you need some alone time, that is completely fine too. Refresh yourself for a bit and come back happier than before.

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  • Amelia says:

    My colleagues and I traveled to Iran last October and our trip was very enjoyable. Historical attractions are only a small part of the beauty of a trip to Iran, and for me, tasting Iranian food was the best part of this trip. Many thanks to LetsvitPersia for providing this opportunity.

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