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Tehran is one of the largest cities in the world and it is located in north-central Iran.


It is the capital of Iran, Tehran Province, and also the largest city and urban area in Iran. It has been the capital of Iran for more than two centuries and is home to the main offices ruling the country.

Tehran History

Damavand - Tehran
Damavand Mountain

It is located at the foothill of the Alborz, the highest mountain in Iran, Its highest peak, Mount Damavand, has an elevation of more than 18,400 feet (5,608 meters) and is visible from the city on clear days.


The location of Tehran has been historically known as Ray, which is now a small city in the south of the present-day capital.


Ray was destroyed by Arabs in the 7th and Mongols in the 14th centuries and the inhabitants fled to Tehran, the nearby village at the time of Mongol invasion.

Tehran became important since then and came to the attention of the Iranian ruler, Karimkhan Zand.

Although he ordered Golestan Palace (which was registered as a UNESCO heritage site in 2013) to be built for him, he later decided to choose Shiraz as his capital.


With the rise of Qajars (Aqha Mohamad Khan), it gained its importance when it was declared the capital of Iran in 1786.


Palaces were built one after another and continued to be built during the next dynasty, Pahlavi. Even after the monarchy fell apart in Iran as a result of the revolution in 1979, Tehran remained the capital of Iran.

National Garden - Tehran
National Garden


Golestan Palace Compound


Treasury of National Jewels


Iran Bastan Museum


Niavaran Palace Compound


Milad Tower


Sa’ad Abad Palace Compound


Glassware Museum (Abgineh Museum)


Iran’s National Rug Gallery & Carpet Museum


Tabiat Bridge


Grand Bazaar


Museum of Contemporary Arts


Azadi (Freedom) Tower


Shams-ol-Emareh Palace


Reza Abbasi Museum


Masoudieh Palace


Saad Abad Fine Arts Museum


Toghrol Tower


Shah Abdol Azim Shrine


Namad Mali (Felt beating)


Jajim Weaving


Zillow Weaving


Ceramic and tile


Aash-E Sholeh-Ghalamkar


Valak Polo


Sar Gonjeshki

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