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Varzaneh City Tour

Tour Duration: 1 Day
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One Day Tour

Enjoy Natural and Cultural attractions of Varzaneh city

Varzaneh City Tour

Iran is an incredible country filled with history and culture, the people are welcoming and heartwarming towards tourists, this nation is simply breathtaking don’t let some powerful men influence you on what Iran actually is, go see for yourself and enjoy this new destination. it’s worth every penny. This trip is 100% recommended for anybody families, friends’ groups, young and not so young, anybody really.

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Varzaneh City Tour Package

Varzaneh City Tour Package

No matter if you are coming from beautiful Isfahan toward Yazd historical city or the opposite direction, Varzaneh could be the great Touristic spot to stop by and enjoy its natural and cultural attractions.


Varzaneh city is located 105 km southeast of Isfahan and 240 km away from Yazd.


This is a mixture of cultural and adventure tour.


Besides enjoying the natural attractions of Varzaneh city such as its beautiful desert and Wetland, you will see how people adapted living in the desert and how incredibly they use the precious water.


Do not forget to bring proper trekking clothes and shoes, sunscreen, and camera to capture your amazing memories.

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Iran tours - Letsvisitpersia* The duration of Varzaneh City Tour Package is 8 hours.

* The start and end of tour is your desired place in Varzaneh.

* You are able to create a customized tour based on your interests.

Varzaneh City Tour

Various attractions you can enjoy in this deserted city:

  • Gavkhuni Wetland
  • Khargoshi Caravanserai
  • Gav Chah (Ox Well) Traditional well
  • Varzaneh Desert and its stunning sand dunes which are from 5-62 m high
  • Vast snow-white Salt Lake
  • Ghortan Citadel
  • Pigeon Tower

Varzaneh Desert - Varzaneh city tourVarzaneh Salt lake - Varzaneh city tourGhurtan Citadel - Varzaneh city tourGavkhuni Wetland - Varzaneh city tour



  • Accommodation in a traditional guesthouse (Breakfast included)
  • Transfer with Non-smoking Air-conditioned private car
  • Traditional and homemade meals (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Professional local guide
  • Refreshments and traditional drinks
  • Sandboarding



  • Camel riding
  • Off road with 4wd motors or cars
  • Camping in the desert

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