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Based on Yazd province and Its beautiful cities

You can experience a great journey with Letsvisitpersia team. their guide has enough knowledge about Iran and its history. Yazd is my favorite city in Iran. The people are amazingly kind and hospitable.

Daniel from France

The Best City Tour

We were really satisfied with Letsvisitpersia services, specially Vahid who was so friendly, on time and always available. We had a wonderful time in Yazd.

Ashley from Poland

Amazing city of Yazd

Yazd City Tour



Yazd is the largest mud-brick and the first city that is registered as a UNESCO heritage in Iran.


One Day Tour of Yazd - Letsvisitpersia

Yazd City Tour

Like Shiraz and Isfahan, Yazd is also a must visit the city of Iran with a rich cultural and amazing Historical background, although Yazd is home to a number of beautiful deserts which attract many local and tourist.


Yazd city tour is designed to cover not only the most highlight attractions of the city but also the less visited places which offer a unique experience for any travelers.


Houses, gardens, and buildings built in a magnificent harmony with this deserted city. The culture, architecture, and even lifestyle of this area is influenced by the dry nature of the desert.



Letsvisitpersia Yazd City Tours include:


A complex Tour of Different Historical Cities (Based on Yazd Province)


Two Yazd sightseeing Tour.


Two Desert Tour

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The duration of all our one-day tours is 8 hours.

The start and end of all tours is your desired place in Yazd.

You are able to create a customized tour based on your interests

Yazd City Tour 1 - Best of Yazd

  • Dowlat Abad Garden
  • Zoroastrian Fire temple
  • Amir Chakhmaq Square
  • Zoorkhane (Traditional Gym)
  • Jame Mosque of Yazd
  • Old city district

Dowlatabad GardenZoroastrian Fire TempleYazd CityZoorkhaneh

Yazd City Tour 2 – Yazd Untouched

Less-observed places in Yazd

  • Zoroastrian Tower of Silence
  • Water Museum
  • Old city district
  • Alexander prison
  • 12 imam mausoleum
  • Lariha house
  • Old Bazaar

Water Museum - YazdLariha House - YazdAlexander Prison - YazdOld City of Yazd

Meybod, Chak Chak and Kharanaq Tour ( the holy Temple of Zoroastrians )

  • Narain castle one of the oldest mud brick castle in Iran ( Meybod )
  • Shah Abbasi Caravanserai ( Meybod )
  • Ice-house ( Yakhchal )
  • Pigeon House ( Pigeon Tower )
  • Kharanaq Citadel and village
  • Chak Chak ( Zoroastrian Shrine )

Narin CastleIce House - YakhchalPigeon Tower - MeybodChak Chak Yazd

Fahraj Desert Tour

A full day in Fahraj desert close to one of the oldest villages in Yazd (40 min far from Yazd)

Fahraj Jame Mosque Fahraj Desert TourYazd City Tour - FahrajFahraj Desert

Bafgh Desert Tour

A full day tour in Bafq and its suburbs (1.5 hours far from Yazd)

  • Jameh Mosque of Fahraj
  • Sadegh Abad desert

Yazd Day Tour - DesertBafgh Desert TourYazd City Tour - BafqBafq Desert


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