Traveling to Iran as an American family

Perhaps the question that comes to you is whether traveling to Iran differs for Americans from other nationalities.


The answer is yes, the rules for traveling to Iran as an American, Canadian, and British passport holders differ from other countries.


In this article, we will discuss the terms and conditions of leisure travel to Iran for citizens of the United States, Canada, and British.

Is it safe for an American family to travel to Iran?

Contrary to media advertisements and with a fair view and away from political attitude, Iran is one of the safest countries in the world.


First of all, this security is due to the rich culture and hospitality spirit of the Iranian people.


Don’t be surprised if they invite you to their home for dinner or even a stay after a short conversation while walking, because this is a very normal thing.

Traveling to Iran as an American family with children

In most parts of Iran, even in small cities with a population of several hundred thousand people, there are playgrounds for children and public parks.


In larger cities, malls generally have a separate floor for children’s entertainment where your children can play.

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Hijab law in Iran and how to dress children

Although compliance with the laws of each country is one of the requirements to have a comfortable trip, the rules on how to cover children are very flexible and simple:


Respecting women and children is one of the main pillars of Iranian culture, and you will have a special position in society as a tourist and guest.


 – In the hot seasons of the year, thin clothes with happy colors and wearing hats can be suitable for children.


 – There is nothing wrong with wearing a skirt with pants or long socks.


 – Your young children do not need to cover their hair.


 – Wearing shorts and short-sleeved clothes is also a good choice for the summer season.


 – Although, in some parts of the country, you should use sunscreen to prevent sunburn on your hands and feet.

Applying Iran visa for Americans

In general, the duration of obtaining a visa for American, Canadian, and British passport holders is much longer than other travelers and can take up to 2 months.


Also, American, Canadian, and British travelers must enter the country in the form of a tour accompanied by a guide approved by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.


It should be noted that few agencies have official permission to apply for visas for citizens of the above countries.

  • Documents required to obtain Iran visa for citizens of USA, UK and Canada
  • Color copy of the passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • Color portrait photo with white background taken recently
  • Completing the visa form that includes personal information
  • Providing educational and employment records
  • Personal resume
  • Address of social networks
  • An itinerary that includes cities and places visited as well as hotels of accommodation

Our experts will be by your side at all stages to get your tourist visa in the easiest possible way.

Traveling to Iran as an American Family


No, to avoid restrictions on the applicant’s future travels, the Iran visa will not be stamped in the person’s passport and will be given separately on a sheet.

The validity of an Iran visa for American citizens is 3 months, with this visa, a person can stay in Iran for 30 days and if you wish, you can extend the visa for another 30 days.

The countries of America, British, and Canada are among the countries whose citizens cannot travel to Iran using an airport visa, the citizens of these countries must obtain their visa before entering Iran.

The Office of the Interests section of the Islamic Republic of Iran is located in northwest Washington, DC, and is the unofficial representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the United States of America. This office is a part of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC

No, the US does not have an embassy in Iran, but the Swiss Embassy is in charge of protecting the interests of the US in Iran.

Obtaining a visa has two separate costs. The first part is the cost of visa services, registration, and follow-up procedures, which is paid to the agency, and the second part is the cost that you will pay according to your nationality at the embassy or the consulate section for the visa stamp.

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