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Iran Saffron Tour

Tour Duration: 1 Day
Customizable: Yes

One Day Tour

Based on Kashan city
Available on October & November

Iran Saffron Tour (Purple Tour)

Saffron often described as red gold is the most expensive spice in the world in terms of weight. It is made from a purple flower popularly known as saffron crocus that blooms in autumn only for 1 to 3 weeks each year and must be hand-picked.


150 flowers and a significant amount of labor is required to produce only 1 gram of saffron. Iran is the world’s biggest producer and exporter of saffron which produces more than 90 percent of the world’s mass of saffron.


Iran Saffron Tour

Iran Saffron Tour

Many Iranian foods and even beverages are made with saffron and this Bride of Spices plays the main role in many Persian food recipes.


What you experience in Iran saffron tour


  • Visiting fields of the most prestigious plant in the world.
  • Experience Iranian homemade dishes with saffron.
  • Engage with locals for saffron processing.
  • Harvesting saffron by yourself.
  • And discover the world of aromatic and medicinal plants in Iran
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Iran tours - Letsvisitpersia* The duration of Iran Saffron Tour Package is one day.

* The start and end of all tours is your desired place in Kashan.

* You are able to create a customized tour based on your interests.


- DAY 1 - Iran Saffron Tour

Iran Saffron tour Itinerary


The harvest starts early in the morning as the sun timidly rises over the horizon.


In this heavenly landscape, start picking as many flowers as you can. You don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry; you have the best and kindest experts by your side to show you the ancestral techniques!


Separating the red stigmas from the flower crocuses must be done by hand. Labor that the Iranian families have learned and repeated over generations.


Back in the village with the fruits of your labor; enjoy a warm tea with saffron flavor in Ecolodge. After some rest, the essential part of the experience is separating the precious red stigmas from the flower.


Open each fragile plant to touch three brittle red stigmas in the heart: Here is the precious saffron spice!


Iran Saffron farm tour Iran saffron farm tour package Iran saffron field Iranian saffron

It’s a way to realize how much work is behind this tasteful spice that gives Persian food its true identity.


By participating in this experience, you also firmly support fair working conditions in the fields and empowerment of the local communities.


And what greater pleasure than to buy directly from the producer, this wonderful spice that now you know how much work is behind the taste of it.


After having a traditional lunch it is time for nature. Hike to discover medicinal and aromatic plants of the region by a specialist and planting seeds of medicinal plants in nature.


The next item is the Persian traditional bath and the most exciting part of the tour which is getting a massage with saffron drinking to end this Purple experience in the evening around 00:06 P.m.

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