Iran Photography Tour

Our photography programs are designed for photographers of all levels interested in improving their skills or those professional photographers who wanted to experience new situations or different sceneries with the guidance of a local photographer.


On our Iran photography tour, you will learn techniques and tips while exploring picturesque places and location guiding. In this tour, you will also visit the main attractions of Iran and you can enjoy highlights such as the museum, gardens, historical sites, old houses and even more.

Photography gear suggestions:

Camera: any camera is welcome (even your smartphone) however, for the nightscape photography a DSLR or mirrorless is recommended.


Lenses: The kit lens is a good choice but a wide lens (e.g. 12-24) for architecture photography would be complementary.


Tripod: A tripod for nightscape photography, HDR, Panorama, Low shutter speed or time-lapse.


Filters: Depend on the situation UV, Circular Polarizer, Neutral Density, and special FV Filters will help you create better images.


Cable release: Depend on your camera model, Cable, remote camera release or wireless mobile adapter, for long exposure.


Lens cleaning: The weather can be rainy or snowy, also some locations (like desert) are exposed to sand. So, a combination of lens wipes and dry cleaning tissue is recommended.


Storage: Bring extra memory cards.


Battery: However we often access to power and electricity, one extra battery is recommended.


Clothing: depend on the season, locations and cities you may experience various situations and a wide range of temperature. Night time in some places can reach -10 Celsius degrees and daytime may reach 30 to 35 degrees. Precipitation is hard to predict, but it could be rainy, snowy or sometimes it could be sunny all the time. So, warm and waterproof clothes alongside some light spring are recommended.

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