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Iran Nomad Tour

Tour Duration: 1 day to 1 week
Customizable: Yes

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Different cities of Fars Province

Nomad’s life has been defined by migration. As shepherds, they need to follow their sheep to mountains and plains to find fresh pasture and rich natural resources.


The nomads, children or older people, individuals start migrating and crossing the mountains, rivers, and plains along with their animals to reach the dense meadows two times a year.


These days you can find a few numbers of nomadic tribes live as their ancestors lived, like thousands of years ago. As their unique lifestyle is affected by modern life, finding them with the traditional way of life is not easy.


iran nomad tour

Iran Nomad Tour

They are bound with nature and it is the reason for their simplicity and generosity. Nomad tents are open to guests like their hearts. They are incredibly hospitable and offer you their organic food, delicious cuisine, and natural products.


In the Iran Nomad Tour, you will have the chance to visit, live, eat, and sleep in a nomadic camp with a real nomad family.


You can experience their real lifestyle and join them to make bread, weave Persian carpets, take the goats and sheep out together with other families, and have fun.


You are also able to dress like them and go hiking or mountain climbing and discover nature along with a local guide.

We spent one full day in Persepolis, Necropolis, Pasagard, and with Nomads. Vahid’s cultural knowledge is without limits and his English fluency is simply perfect. He gets his way around very well, is very social with the nomads, and passes feelings and appreciation both ways with tact. he is also very friendly, and flexible, so adapt the way you want.
highly recommendable.

Letsvisitpersia Testimonial
Vincent from Belgium
Amazing and Interesting Tour

I am very very satisfied and happy with this travel, travel from London to the place of history and old tradition. If anyone wonders about 2500 years of human history, must go with them.
I highly recommend this tour. We all experienced a different time with them.
I will go once again, many thanks guys, You did great.

Nemo Slari
Nemo from England
Absolutely brilliant
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- DAY - Iran Nomad Tour Services
  • Transfer from your desired place in Shiraz to the camp and from camp to any location in Shiraz by air-conditioned and Non-Smoking car.
  • Accommodation in a real nomadic tent.
  • Traditional and Fully organic meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), snacks, and drinks.
  • Taking pictures with Nomad costume.

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