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Special Interest

Iran Food Tour

Tour Duration: Half a Day
Customizable: Yes

Half-Day Tour

Based on Shiraz city
Maximum 7 Person

Iran Food Tour (Persian Cuisine)

Iran Food Tour is a vehicle for Iran’s culture and a window into the Persian way of life.


When you travel to Iran you want to know more about it and to explore Iranian culture and history. Your travel to Iran without learning a few Iranian recipes and trying some famous Iranian dishes is not complete.


Iran Food Tour

Iran Food Tour

Iran Food Tour brings you the opportunity to taste the traditional food Iranians eat, visit the places locals go, and see how Iranian life is. In other words, we help you to feel what it is like to be local.


Do you like to join a family and try Iranian food or do you want to take an Iranian cooking workshop that gives you a first-hand experience? Letsvisitpersia is ready to make that happen.


Take an Iranian food tour to taste the Iranian cuisine, interact with locals, learn something about Iranian cooking, and even more to make new friends.

Iran Food Tour is an enriching experience, which can be the best part of your travel.


What our travelers want is to enjoy a unique and authentic Iran Culinary Tour experience, to feel like they are part of the Iranian society, to feel its spectacular culture, and to discover the Persian lifestyle in a short time. And this is what Iran Food Tour is all about.


The best part of the Iran Food Tour is the endless knowledge of your hosts and also your local guide. You will receive the best tips about Iranian cuisine, Restaurants, the Iranian dishes you must try, the specialty of every city, and many more…

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Iran tours - Letsvisitpersia* The duration of Iran Food Tour Package is Half a day.

* The start and end of tour is your desired place in Shiraz.

* You are able to create a customized tour based on your interests.

Iran Food Tour Details

- Iran Culinary Tour

Iran food tour Itinerary

You are invited to a local house where your tour begins. Your host will take you to the bazaar to buy all the necessities for cooking delicious Iranian food.


You are involved in all processes and you will eat the meal you learned how to cook. Do not worry, your host is always there to teach you how to do that.


You have enough time to have a conversation with your guide and receive the best information about Iranian dishes, main ingredients, and a lot more.

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