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Based on Kashan city, another must-see destination of Iran

The best choice to see the city’s points of interest and learn more about Kashan history. Our tour guide was entertaining and informative about the city sites. this tour gave us an opportunity to visit an area we would like to experience.

Adrijan from Slovenia

Best Kashan city tour package

We had a full day Kashan city tour package. our driver and guide were awesome. I can’t praise them enough. our guide had the best sense of humor and he knew his city very well. The tour was very well designed and we saw all the places even more than our itinerary. Thanks to Letsvisitpersia

Ava from Monaco

well designed itinerary

Kashan City Tour Package



Almost all of the travelers will like to have a stop in Kashan during their journey between Tehran and Isfahan.


This delightful city is one of the must-see destinations of Iran. This historical city has unique architectural wonders hiding in their historical houses such as Tabatabai House, Borujerdi House, Abbasi, and Ameri Houses.


kashan city tour package

Kashan city tour package

A UNESCO world heritage Persian garden that is situated in the middle of an old castle and called Fin Garden is another popular tourist attraction of Kashan city.


You can visit Tepe Sialk, the ruins of a ziggurat that was built 3000 BC and considered as one of the oldest settlements in Iran date to around 6000-5500 BC.


Do not miss the historical Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse with its stunning view of the city and Agha Bozorg Mosque with its different architectural styles.


Kashan offers some of the most beautiful traditional boutique hotels in Iran if you decided to explore the city more than a day.


Our Kashan city tour packages offer:


One Kashan city sightseeing tour and Three adventure tours ( Abyaneh village, Maranjab desert, and Matinabad desert )

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Iran tours - Letsvisitpersia* The duration of all Kashan City Tour Packages is 8 hours.

* The start and end of all tours is your desired place in Kashan.

* You are able to create a customized tour based on your interests.


Kashan City Tour Package - Kashan Highlights

  • Fin Garden
  • Tabatabaei Historical House
  • Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
  • Agha Bozorg Mosque

Fin Garden - Kashan city tourTabatabaei house - Kashan city tourSultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse - Kashan city tourAgha Bozorg Mosque - Kashan city tour

Abyaneh Historical Village – Iran Red Village

A full day visit of an ancient village with amazing stepped architecture and delightful nature.


Abyaneh Village - Kashan city sightseeing tourAbyaneh local costume - Kashan city sightseeing tourAbyaneh Water Reservoir - Kashan sightseeing tourAbyaneh historical village - Kashan sightseeing tour

Matinabad Desert

A full day adventure and hiking tour to Matinabad desert.

Optional: a night in the Matinabad Camp or Matinabad Caravanserai, watching the stars, and listening to the story of locals when you are gathering around a fire.


Matinabad Desert - Kashan daily tourMatinabad Eco-Camp - Kashan daily tourMatinabad desert camp - Kashan daily tourIran Desert Tour

Maranjb Desert

A full-day tour to Maranjab one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran.

Optional: one night stay in Abouzeidabad Caravanserai Hotel and enjoy a magnificent view of the sky at night.


Maranjab Desert tour packageMaranjab Caravanserai - Kashan tour packageMaranjab Salt lake - Kashan tour packageIran desert tour package


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