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Tour Duration: 22 Days
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Main Cities

Tehran, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Abyaneh, Qazvin.

We had a great vacation with Letsvisitpersia in Iran, they did a great job in designing a travel plan which helped us visit the best places. choose Iran Mysteries Tour Package if you have enough time because it covers the most beautiful cities in Iran.

Lorenzo from Finland

Amazing trip

A very nice Trip with Vahid. It was a mixture of Culture, History, Nature and a lot more.

Mia from Norway

Like a dream

Iran Mysteries Tour Package


There are many negative ideas about Iran all around the world because of political issues and propaganda against this country.

Iran Mysteries Tour

Iran Mysteries Tour Package


But you shouldn’t forget the fact that all these arguments and disagreements are between the governments and not people.


Iran is a wonderful country for all to visit, whether you’re interested in food, culture, history, shopping, religion, or architecture.


It all combines together to make for one incredible experience.


Come to Iran and surround yourself with beautiful landscapes and amazing architecture – from breath-taking mosques to stepped hillside villages, cleverly designed wind towers and the macabre Zoroastrian Towers of Silence.


The beauty of Iran awaits you, come to see the wonders of Iran for yourself by choosing Iran Mysteries tour Package.

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DAY 1 - Tehran

Arrival in Tehran, meet our driver and Transfer to the hotel.
Stay overnight.

DAY 2 - Tehran - Shiraz

Fly to Shiraz in the morning visiting the guide and after the hotel check-in head to the Zand complex to visit the Karimkhan Castle, Bazar, and Mosque to get a sense of Shiraz as a capital 250 years ago.
Stay overnight.

Karimkhan Mosque - Iran Mysteries TourKarimkhan Castle (Arg-e Karimkhan) - Iran Mysteries TourVakil Bazaar - Iran Mysteries TourShiraz City - Iran Mysteries Tour

DAY 3 - Shiraz

Drive to Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam) and unearth the ruins of Persepolis as a UNESCO world heritage site. Drive to Pasargadae to visit another UNESCO heritage site Tomb of Cyrus the Great.
Stay overnight.

Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) - Iran Mysteries Tour PackageNecropolis (Naqsh-e Rostam) - Iran Mysteries Tour PackageNecropolis (Naqsh-e Rostam) - Iran Mysteries Tour PackagePasargadae (Tomb of Cyrus the Great or Pasargad) - Iran Mysteries Tour Package

DAY 4 - Shiraz

In the morning visit Nasir-al Molk (Pink) mosque one of the most beautiful mosques In Iran, go to the Eram Garden (UNESCO heritage site) and learn about Persian Garden and its style .in the afternoon visit number first popular site in Iran Hafez Tomb and foretell your future by reading his book and maybe sip a tea in a peaceful tea house, visit Quran gate.
Stay overnight.

Nasir Al-Molk Mosque (Pink mosque) - Iran Mysteries Tour by LetsvisitpersiaEram Garden (Bagh-e Eram) - Iran Mysteries Tour by LetsvisitpersiaTomb of Hafiz (Hafezieh) - Iran Mysteries Tour by LetsvisitpersiaQuran Gate - Iran Mysteries Tour by Letsvisitpersia

DAY 5 - Shiraz - Kerman

Drive to Kerman (about 8 hours) to discover how people adapted their life to a desert city.
Overnight stay.

DAY 6 - Kerman

Visit Jabaliye Dome and its majestic Persian structure. In the afternoon drive to Mahan meet Sufis who have traveled a long way to respect their Sufi master Shah Nematollah Vali and his shrine. Enjoy walking in Shahzadeh Gardens and also visit Citadel of Rayen.
Stay overnight.

Jabalieh Dome - Visit Iran in 22 DaysShah Nematollah Vali Shrine - Visit Iran in 22 DaysShahzadeh Mahan Garden (Shazdeh Garden) - Visit Iran in 22 DaysRayen Castle (Rayen Citadel) - Visit Iran in 22 Days

DAY 7 - Kerman

Drive to Shahdad Desert and visit Kalouts (Yardangs) and feel like you are wandering on the Mars. enjoy watching the magnificent sunset and walking through the golden hills until nighttime
Stay overnight.

Shahdad Desert - Travel to IranKalouts - Travel to IranKalout of Shahdad - Travel to IranShahdad Desert (Kavir-e Shahdad) - Travel to Iran

DAY 8 - Kerman - Zeinoddin - Yazd

Drive to Zeinoddin and visit Zein-o-din Caravanserai and its beautiful landscape. Continue to Yazd and visit the marvelous Islamic Amirchaghmagh Square and Zoorkhaneh (Traditional Persian Gym)
Overnight stay.

Zeinodin Caravanserai - Travel to PersiaCaravanserai Zeinodin - Travel to PersiaAmir Chakhmagh Square (Meydan-e Amir Chakhmagh)Zoorkhaneh (Iranian Traditional Gym) - Travel to Persia


Drown into the mysterious world of Zoroastrians by visiting Zoroastrian fire temple and also Towers of Silence which is called Dakhmeh. Admire people of Iran plateau by visiting Yazd Water Museum and learn about Qanat and underground water canals.
Stay overnight.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple (Atashkadeh) - Iran Travel AgencyYazd Fire Temple (Atashkadeh-e Yazd) - Iran Travel AgencyTowers of Silence (Dakhmeh) - Iran Travel AgencyWater Museum - Iran Travel Agency


Visit nice brick and tile works of Yazd Jame mosque and walk in this World Heritage City to feel its spiritual atmosphere. Drive to Dowlatabd Garden and visit the highest Badgir (wind tower) on the world.
Stay overnight.

Yazd Jame Mosque - Iran Vacation PackageOld City of Yazd - Iran Vacation PackageDowlatabad Garden (Bagh-e Dowlatabad) - Iran Vacation PackageFahadan Neighborhood - Iran Vacation Package

DAY 11 - Yazd - Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan and visit the marvelous Armenian Vank cathedral In Isfahan. Walk aside Isfahan River and take a look at Sio-Se pol and Khajoo magnificent bridges over it.
Stay overnight.

Vank Cathedral (Vank Church) - Iran Budget TourKhaju Bridge (Pol-e Khaju) - Iran Budget TourSio Se Pol (Allahverdi Khan Bridge) - Iran Budget TourEsfahan City - Iran Budget Tour

DAY 12 - Isfahan

Learn about the historic Royal square of Esfahan (UNESCO world heritage). Visit Shah Mosque, Sheikh-Lotfollah mosque, and Aliqapu palace. Spend some times in Qeysarieh bazar and take a look at colorful Handicrafts.
Stay overnight.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square - Iran Private TourSheikh Lotfollah Mosque (Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah - Iran Private TourShah Mosque (Imam Mosque) - Iran Private TourAli Qapu Palace (Kakh-e Ali Qapu) - Iran Private Tour

DAY 13 - Isfahan

Visit Chehelstoon and Hasht Behesht palaces. Breathe the history in Isfahan Jame mosque.
Stay overnight.

Hasht Behesht Palace - Iran Group TourChehel Sotoun Palace - Iran Group TourJameh Mosque of Isfahan (Masjed-e Jame) - Iran Group TourIsfahan Bazaar (Qaisariah Bazaar) - Iran Group Tour

DAY 14 - Isfahan - Abyaneh

Drive to Abyaneh village and meet its people with their special outfit, drink a cup of tea and feel the fresh life in this ancient village.
Stay overnight.

Abyaneh Historical Village (Red Village) - Traveling to IranAbyaneh Local Costume - Traveling to IranAbyaneh Village (Red Village) - Traveling to IranAbyaneh Castle - Traveling to Iran

DAY 15 – Abyaneh - Kashan

Drive to Kashan and admire Iranian traditional architect by visiting Tabatabai house and Sultan Amirahmad bathhouse. Tread in Fin garden and praise Persian garden designers.
Stay overnight.

Tabatabaei Histoeical House - Must see in IranSultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse - Must see in IranAmeri Historical House - Must see in IranFin Garden - Must see in Iran

DAY 16 - Kashan

Visit Aghaborzg Mosque, Sialk hill, and Borujerdi historical house.
Stay overnight.

Agha Bozorg Mosque - Iran top attractionsTepe Sialk Kashan - Iran top attractionsBorujerdi Histoeical House - Iran top attractionsRose Gardens - Iran top attractions

DAY 17 - Kashan - Tehran

Drive to Tehran. Visit Golestan Palace (UNESCO heritage site), admire the Persian art by visiting its mirrored walls and enjoy its fresh garden. Visit the Persian Carpet Museum and learn about carpet stories. walk in Tehran Grand Bazar.

Stay overnight.

Golestan Palace - Iran top tourist attractionsCarpet Museum - Iran top tourist attractionsTehran Grand Bazaar - Iran top tourist attractionsAzadi Tower - Iran top tourist attractions

DAY 18 - Tehran - Qazvin

Drive to Qazvin. Visit Chehelsotoon palace, Husseinieh Aminiha, Chahar Anbia shrine, Jame mosque and Ali Qapu palace.
Stay overnight.

Qazvin Jame mosque - Silk Road tourChehel Sotun Palace - Silk Road tourChahar Anbia shrine - Silk Road tourAli Qapu in Gazvin - Silk Road tour

DAY 19 - Qazvin

Visit Alamut citadel and its beautiful valley.
Stay overnight.

Alamut castle - Best Iran budget tourAlamoot citadel - Best Iran budget tourAlamut Citadel - Best Iran budget tourQazvin Alamut castle - Best Iran budget tour

DAY 20 - Qazvin

Visit Qajar bathhouse and Saad-al Saltaneh Caravanserai.
Stay overnight.

Saad-al Saltaneh Caravanserai - Iran travel guideQajar Bathhouse - Iran travel guideHoseinieh Aminiha - Iran travel guide

DAY 21- Qazvin - Tehran

Drive to Tehran, Visit Iran National museum (Museum of Ancient Iran), get acquaintance to History of Iran. Discover the breathtaking precious collection of Jewels of Iranian in the Iran Jewels museum.
Stay overnight.

Iran Bastan Museum (Iran National Museum) - Best Iran tour packageIran jewelry Museum (Treasury of National Jewels) - Best Iran tour packageMilad Tower - Best Iran tour packageTabiat Bridge - Best Iran tour package


Transfer to the airport and Depart Iran.


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