Kashan City

Kashan city is located in the north of Isfahan (218 km) between the Karkas Mountains in Natanz and Kavir Desert. The north and the west part of the city is surrounded by Kavir desert, and it enjoys a warm and desert climate.


Kashan Bazar

Kashan Bazaar

History of Kashan City


Archaeological Researches in the Sialk Hills (Tapeh Sialk) which lie 4 km west of Kashan city reveal that this area was one of the primary centers of civilization in prehistoric ages.


Hence the city dates back to the Elamite period of Iran. The ruins of Sialk ziggurat still stands today in the suburbs of this city after 7,000 years.


Like many other cities in Iran, this city has been also a community of Zoroastrians before the Arabs’ invasion.


Kashan city

Borujerdi Historical House

In the 11th century, Khwarezmians built a huge fortress inside the city, and a wall called Jalali to protect the inhabitants.


Safavid kings showed a specific interest in this area and Fin Garden was built as a Persian Garden for Shah Abbas who stayed there during his trip Which is inscribed as a UNESCO heritage site in 2011.


Qajars kings continued this particular attention especially at the time of Fath Ali Shah who added a few sections to the garden.


Aside from its magnificent history, Kashan city is well known for rose water and rose oil which are the main products of the city.


Borujerdi Historical House


Fin Garden


Tabatabaie Historical House


Sialk Historical Mounds


Abbasi Historical House


Aqa Bozorg Mosque


Ameri Historical House


Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse


Kashan Bazaar

Attractions Near Kashan

Noosh Abad Underground City


Niasar Fire Temple


Maranjab desert


Niasar Mithra Temple


Niasar Waterfall


Carpet Weaving


Pottery and Tile Works


Textiles and silk weaving




Copper Works







Traditional Cuisine of Kashan City

Koofteh Somaq


Khoresht Nokhod Alleh (Traditional Stew)


Kateh Moatar (Sort of Rice)


Jujui Tas Kebab




Rose Water

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