dress code in iran

How To Dress In Iran



Iran is considered as an Islamic country. However such rules like Hijab is not observed strictly, especially for tourists so Iran dress code is just about simple rules and some tips.

The maximum penalty would be a request in a kind way to make it correct.

Dress code in Iran

Dress code in Iran


Iranian women are very modest in picking their Veil (Hijab), and you cannot see its equivalent anywhere in the Middle East or other Islamic countries.


Many of tourist are shocked when they see women dress in Iran once they arrive, they see a lot of Iranian women who are stylish and take great care of how they look but all tourists either individually or in groups should consider that there are some precautions to be taken all around the world and Iran is not an exception.




How To Dress In Iran – General Recommendations:





Its false belief that ladies are not allowed in choosing the color of their clothing. This is absolutely wrong. There’s no restriction in color with regards to the clothing standard.  So bring your colorful clothes along, They are the best idea during summer.


how to dress in iran

How to Dress in Iran




The body should be covered (you can wear loose clothing such as baggy shirts or coats). You can also wear jeans. Most of the women prefer to wear a manteau (different material in every season) which can be long, short, loose or tight, and in different colors.



Tunics and Cardigans


Tunics can be an incredible choice for summer trips to Iran. If they cover up your hip you are good to go. You may have a dress that can be paired with skinny jeans.




Scarf & Hair Covering


iran dress code for travel

Iran dress code for travel

According to Iranian law, women ought to cover their hair. You may respect this law by using colorful and beautiful headscarves, which are a reward, especially in the winter months.

Hair ought to be covered but that does not mean you have to wear a tight scarf around your head.


It is very usual if some parts remain out of the scarf. It’s quite acceptable for ladies to allow some part of their hair to outline their faces.



High bootsskinny jeans, cropped and Capri Pants


You can pair high boots, during winter, with skinny jeans. The cropped pants are just fine as long as they are right above your ankle. But wearing short pants must be avoided.



Sandals & painted nails


Open toes and also sandals are just fine for both men and women, especially in summer. Painted nails on your fingers and your toes, is also OK and everyone else uses nail Polish.


what to wear in Iran

what to wear in Iran




If you’re a person who liked wearing makeup, you do not need to be worried in Iran. Having makeup in Iran is totally acceptable especially in big cities.





In order to enter mosques, you have to wear a chador. It is a large piece of fabric that covers your entire body from head to toe. but do not worry about bringing it, you will be loaned one when it is necessary.




Indoors Clothing


What was mentioned above is only for outside and your public appearance, feel free to wear whatever you like in case you get invited to an Iranian house.




How To Dress In Iran – Final Points:


Some cities in Iran such as Qom and Mashhad are more conservative, so try to lower the tone cautiously.

Iran Dress Code

Iran Dress Code


Tip 1: Respecting the Iran dress code is necessary for the time of on-boarding international flights. On Iranian Flights, it is usually requested when you enter the Iranian boundaries.


Tip 2: During summer or hot weather, you can, not wear a shirt under your coat/manteau.


Tip 3: winter time, apart from covering the head, the rest can be the same as what you wear in your home country.

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